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Amethyst Collection - La Viola e Vittoria

Clear Quartz Collection - La Mia Vita

Rose Quartz Collection - La Marisella

Obsidian Collection - L'Aquila


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Keep your body, soul & spirit hydrated

Crystals, we call them healing stones, have been held within our Mother Earth and sought after for centuries for their stunning beauty & legendary powers.  They are known to soothe & stimulate ones mind and emotions.

Here at the gem drop,

we have partnered Mother Earth's creations with life's necessity - water - to create mineral-infused water.  Our mantra is to help enhance your overall well being, assist with your mental health and help live your Life in a positive light 


The Gem Drop & Beyond Blue - the gift of giving

The gem drop is Proud Partners with Beyond Blue to help raise awareness for mental health in Australia. Sale proceeds from every item purchased with us are donated directly to Beyond Blue. Together, You & the gem drop, can help create good mental health. Let's do this!! #thegemdrop


Which Healing Stone Is For YOU?

Manifest the divinity within you, & everything will be harmoniously arranged around it.

- Swami Vivekananda

"Wow! Just wow!"

"I have never really tried something like this before, and all I can say is wow!! Such a beautiful product that I use daily! Thank you"

Claire M

"Thank you.."

"Thank you for helping me focus on the positives in life.  This bottle is amazing"

Ruth W

"The quality is amazing.  My sister LOVES her Rose Quartz water bottle.  Thank you for making her day!" 

B. Right