About Us

It's in our DNA to view things uniquely. 
Be unique.  Think unique.   Believe unique.  

At The Gem Drop, we're making it our mission to use Mother Nature's unique creations to fuel and enhance our wellbeing - spiritually, physically & mentally.

Helping people has always been our passion in Life.  Mental health touches us all, either directly or indirectly.  We have experienced, lived and breathed first hand the effects mental health can have on us and our loved ones.  Committed to making positive changes within society, by supporting one person at a time with their emotional wellbeing. Everything we do here at The Gem Drop is truly done from our heart!

The Gem Drop is proudly supporting Beyond Blue, a not for profit organisation committed to making positive changes in our society, assisting with anxiety, depression and mental wellbeing.  We have committed to Beyond Blue to donate funds from every purchase made from The Gem Drop directly their organisation.  We are grateful for the opportunity to assist Beyond Blue to bring mental health awareness and support to thousands of people in need every single day

Reducing our footprint and giving back to the Earth that gives so much to us is paramount.  Our reusable glassware helps to reduce the plastic waste that is ever growing and suffocating our environment.  Sustainability is paramount.

Travelling the Earth to source the best quality crystals enables us to deliver an enlightening experience for you, moment after moment.  From Mother Nature to You, there are no shortcuts to delivering a high quality crystal time & time again.

Crystal wellness, naturally...The Gem Drop - a healthy way to sparkle from the inside out.   

You can thank us later! 

xx the gem drop