Body Image – WTF?? Let's keep it real!! Who’s with me??

Body image – I absolutely loathe these two words!! Why should my body have an “image” at all?? It’s just my bloody body!! Isn't it?

How many times have you heard these two words thrown around??  Too many!!

Last year, almost exactly one year ago to date, I was at a family friend’s kid’s 6th birthday party.  Surrounded by other mums similar to my age, (let’s just say thirty-something!), and I distinctly remember one of the mums telling us a story about her family holiday to Queensland with her husband and two kids.  Sadly, I can’t remember any of the details about her actual holiday, because all that I can remember is the fact that she told us she didn’t go into the water once.  Not once! She sat on the sidelines and watched her kids and husband play and splash about, while she sat on the edge looking in on all the fun. 

I asked her why she didn’t join in…and she said to me matter-of-factly, “I’m too embarrassed to wear bathers”.  Hearing this absolutely broke my heart….and it’s stuck with me ever since.  How many memories and moments must this beautiful mum miss out on with her kids, just because she is self-conscious of her beautiful body??  She then continued to tell us that her little boy asked her why she wasn’t coming into the water.  And her response was, “Because I’m not feeling that well honey”.

I gently told this beautiful soul, that her little boy won’t bloody remember her cellulite or her friggin stretch marks! He won’t remember her feelings of being self-conscious.  But what he will remember is that his mummy didn’t join in on the fun while they were on their family holiday. 

Fast forward a year, and just last week, I was my kid’s school friend’s 6th birthday party, chatting to the other ‘school mums’.  Funnily enough, it was at an indoor swimming pool, we were watching the kids have a ball and our conversation moved towards spending summer days at the beach.  One of the school mums said that she would never wear bathers of any sort without her board shorts, or boardies.  I asked her why?  And she jokingly said that her hubby points out her flabby legs when she’s in bathers, so she’ll never go without her boardies.  I was gob smacked!  WTF?? Are you fucking kidding me!!!  Heartbreaking….

Ladies, this is not on!  Our bodies are amazing! Our bodies are temples that we must worship.  Some of us have created life within them.  Some of us have gone through menopause with them.  We have done back breaking physical work in them, and here we are not treating our bodies with the respect they deserve.

Stuff your bloody flabby legs.  Stuff the cellulite you might have.  Stuff the stretch marks you may have gained over the years.  WHATEVS!  No one is perfect. And if you are going to miss out on LIFE just because you are worried about what the next person is going to think about your body, then you are the one missing out.  No one else.

I am no spring chicken myself.  I have cellulite. I have a flabby stomach.  I have droopy boobs. I have stretch marks.  This is just my body now.  But I’m happy within my own skin.  I’m confident within my own body.  I own my body.  I own my thoughts.  And I own my LIFE.  No one is going to prevent me from living the life I want to. NO BLOODY ONE!

I’ll be totally honest; I carried and gave birth to beautiful twins 5 years ago.  As a result, I hadn’t worn bikinis ever since.  Since having my twins, I have always worn a one piece.  But you know what – last year we were going on a European vacation and I wanted to wear a bikini again!  All be it, I have a different body now post-twins, but I was going to make it work! One bloody way or another!!

I searched the web high and low to find a pair of high-waisted bikinis.  I couldn’t find a set anywhere that would suit my body, so in the end I created my own.  Not literally, but I bought the bottoms from one shop and the top from another. And presto! A bikini set that I’m comfortable in!  Here’s proof!  Am I a perfect bikini body?? Hell no!!  Was I going to miss out on having fun?? Hell no!!

But do I look awesomely happy in this photo?? HELL FRIGGIN YES!!!!

Self-love is paramount to living a happy and healthy life.  If you need a boost of self-love, then Rose Quartz is the healing stone for you.  This divine stone fills your heart, your soul and your spirit with all the love you need.  Let it gently flow into your life… 

Listen up gem drop crew – life is full of moments.  Please do not let any of these precious moments slip by you just because of your self-consciousness towards your body.  Believe in yourself.  You are beautiful inside and out.  If you feel confident from within, it will radiate out.

In the end, all we remember are life’s moments…make them count!

xx Violetta

Director, The Gem Drop